Resistance at the heat of the pool 

The WaluLiner range offers liners made from a high quality PVC film that offers increased resistance to high water temperatures. Apart from its technical qualities, its wide choice of colours, patterns and WaluLiner finishes will guarantee a personalised and stylish pool!  

Liners for all tastes  

The WaluLiner range offers two qualities of liners and thus different resistance to water temperatures. This product promises total waterproofing of the pool and easy installation thanks to the flexibility of the canvas. The range also offers a complete line of accessories for easy and high-quality installation, including fixing rails, drive rivets, protective felt and special glue.

Liners models

Plain colours 75/100th

    +   Easy to install thanks to the flexibility of the canvas




 White  Pale-blue Blue-"France"  Sand   Grey        

Plain colours 75/100th ALKORPLAN 2010

     +  Recommended for high temperatures  

    +  Easy to install thanks to the flexibility of the sheet



 White  Pale blue Blue-"France" Sand Caribbean-green  Grey  Anthracite-grey  

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Wall and background prints 

Persia-old rose Persia-blue Persia-grey-blue Mosaic  Marbled blue  Carrara     


Non-slip for stairs                 

  White     Pale-blue   Blue-"France"    Sand    Grey     Anthracite-grey