The bar safety covers for all pool shapes 

WaluCover is the cover that adapts to the most pools thanks to its many models. Enjoy your pool in complete peace of mind knowing that this cover is infallible and conforms to standard NF P 90-308, ideal if you have children or animals. The aluminum sides and integrated crank winding system allow for very easy handling. Its very trendy, simple and minimalist design will pair wonderfully with the pool, regardless of shape or season. You will be delighted by the value for money and numerous colours that are available. There is something for everyone!



Give your safety a head start !

WaluCover is designed to ensure maximum safety for children and pets. Compliant with standard NF P 90-308, WaluCover promises peace of mind for the whole family thanks to its infallible safety.

in France

5 year 

100% child and animal


Complies with  French standard
N FP 90-308

The advantages of WaluCover

  • A year-round cover

  • Interchangeable or single panel PVC canvas panels and aluminum sides
  • Outstanding resistance and lifespan

  • Easy maintenance

  • Easy handling  
  • Unrivaled value for money


  • Existing pools and pools under construction or renovation

  • In-ground and above-ground pools

  • Safety and cleanliness of the pool in winter

6 cover models


Evole Starlight Woodstar
(above-ground pools)
Initial Prestige
Interchangeable panels and aluminum sides yes yes yes no no
PVC canvas weight 650 g/m² 650 g/m²
650 g/m²
650 g/m²
650 g/m²
Average cover weight 1250 g/m² 1250 g/m²
1250 g/m²
1250 g/m²
1250 g/m²
Anodised aluminium sides
double groove double groove with flattened ends double groove  round
double groove with flattened ends
Special Shapes
may be made
with cut-off corners 
may be made
with cut-off corners 
rectangular cover with on-site positioning pad kit 
Rolling 1 crank
< 50m²
2 cranks
≥ 50m²
1 crank
< 50m²
2 cranks
≥ 50m²
1 wheel or 1 cranks 1 crank
< 50m²
2 cranks
≥ 50m²
1 crank
< 50m²
2 cranks
≥ 50m²
Ladder/filter block cutout  yes yes yes no
Fastener lengths Elastic cabiclic with pitons Elastic cabiclic with pitons
Elastic cabiclic with stainless steel hooks
Anti-lift straps
Perimeter overhang 20 cm  20 cm 
20 cm 
25 cm 
30 cm 

Special shapes                   

Pool dimensions                   

Separate stairs                   

Integral stairs                   

WaluCover, versatility "par excellence"

Whether your pool is rectangular, has a special shape or is even above ground, WaluCover covers will adapt to your style! The WaluCover is the only pool cover with interchangeable bars and panels to make it completely adaptable! They can be replaced quickly if needs be so you can always have a safe and stylish cover.

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Technical    Sales 

Easy handling
WaluCover covers offer very easy handling thanks to their lightness. Easily roll up WaluCover with the crank included. Once rolled, the cover takes up very little space. Attach using straps and stainless steel pawls on the edges.  

A Walter technology

Adjustable straps 
Stainless steel retractable
Anti-lift Kit
           (Evolution & Starlight)
Interchangeable panels
Bars made of anodised aluminium


Opaque (650g/m²)

PVC sheet
Slows down the development of algae. Available in 8 colours.

Azure-blue  Midnight-blue Swiss-green Sand  Mocha  Light-grey Anthracite-grey Pearl-Grey

The sand-coloured reverse side of the opaque canvases (except night, grey and charcoal) 
prevents discolouration on the rim.