Protection in all seasons 

WaluSeasons, the covers that protect your pool no matter the season! They offer remarkable resistance and easy pool maintenance. The winter covers keep the water clean and clear, while the summer covers stop evaporation and heat the water in the pool. There is a cover for each season with WaluSeasons!

The WaluWinter Covers                                                

Key advantages                   

  • Remarkable resistance and dimensional stability over time
  • Easy maintenance
  • Wintering in peace
  • Easier return to service in summer
  • Maintains water cleanliness in winter
  • Anti-UV and anti-fungal treatment
  • Complies with standard NF P 90-308


  • Existing pools and pools under construction or renovation
  • In-ground and above-ground pools
  • Safety and cleanliness of the pool in winter

The fixtures                                                              

Double end cabiclics

Straps + dynamometric springs

Pliers fixing kit

The WaluSummer Covers

The summer asset for your pool                   

  • Raises the temperature of your pool water without electricity
  • Easy maintenance
  • Opens in seconds thanks to the Eclipse roller
  • Speeds up your pool’s return to service in summer
  • Keeps grass clippings and leaves out of your pool


  • Existing pools and pools under construction or renovation
  • Make the most of your swimming pool in summer
  • Pool cleanliness in summer

 WaluSummer Solar

The WaluSummer Solar isothermal cover heats water during the day and prevents heat loss at night. It also considerably reduces evaporation and allows for real savings on treatment products.

WaluSummer Foam 

The WaluSummer Foam isothermal cover prevents heat loss at night, thus effectively maintaining the water temperature. It also considerably reduces evaporation, relieves the dehumidification system and stops chlorine odours.

Eclipse cover roller

WaluSummer Eclipse summer cover rollers are equipped with telescopic tubes which allow them to easily and exactly adapt to the width of your pool.  

Technical Specifications

Product 100% made in France
Robust: high quality aluminum and stainless steel, better suited to water than stainless steel alone 
Wheel to roll and unroll.