Automatic slatted covers by Covrex ®  

The WaluRoll range is now produced and distributed by our sister company Covrex ®, a member of the TSPH group. For more information about this product, we invite you to consult their website directly.

in France

Up to 5 years 

100% child and animal


Complies with the French
N FP 90-308 standard

The types of slats

Odoo • Image et Texte

Covrex® Classic

Covrex® Classic are solid slats that offer incredible strength and comply with the ISO 1183 certification. They have undergone a large number of tests, such as thermal coefficient, expansion, elasticity (tear / breakage) and even UV using xenon gas and other substances. To ensure optimum durability and lifespan, a co-extrusion process on three different PVCs is used during the production of the slats.

Covrex® Solar  

Directly derived from the Covrex® expertise acquired over the years in the field of solar pool covers, polycarbonate shutters have an ultra-resistant structure, leading performance and breathtaking design!

The strength of polycarbonate no longer needs to be proven, as it is an extremely impact-resistant polymer with a very long lifespan. Polycarbonate also offers a longer heating effect thanks to its UV protection.

Odoo • Texte et Image
Odoo • Image et Texte

Covrex® Pearl

Based on the same slats structure as the Covrex® Solar, Pearl is defined by ultimate transparency. Covrex® Pearl takes its name from the light it reflects, which gives it a pearl and highly luminous effect. This polycarbonate slat allows you to take full advantage of your pool’s lighting while enjoying the advantages of a Covrex® shutter: insulation, safety and reduced evaporation of water from your pool.

Drive systems

Terrace systems

Our various shutter systems will fit perfectly on your liner or concrete pool and are ideal for new pools or those being renovated. Hide the system and pool cover with our grates, or be creative with stones or wood.

Top mount systems                 

The classic Covrex® Pool Protection solution for installing your above-ground pool shutters, easy to install and use. It is placed just behind your pool. Choose it with or without a box. Above-ground systems guarantee a quality solution at a great price for new and existing pools.

Under water systems 

Covrex® Pool Protection offers several possibilities for your pool shutters! Create a relaxation area with our submerged beaches or even place a bench at the bottom of the pool to rest. The possibilities are endless!  

Who is Covrex® ?

A sister company   

Covrex® is a trademark of TSPH, the new industrial family group. The Swimming Pool Hub is one of Europe’s leaders in the swimming pool market and has been active for over 50 years. Covrex® pool covers are manufactured in a factory in Aarschot (Belgium), where premium monobloc vinylester pools have also been being designed and assembled since the mid-1980s.