WaluTec: perfect pool maintenance !

WaluTec products will help you to maintain your pool or spa thanks to a complete range of accessories, from construction with our Protect'R shelters to daily use, purification and cleaning the water line.

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                                  The Toucan range 

                                  All the maintenance products necessary to keep your pool in optimal condition and protect it over time. These easy-to-use products are the key tools for a clean and healthy pool area.


                                  Easy Pool'gom

                                  The large magic rubber wich is practical thanks to its easy-to-hold handle and adapted shape !



                                  The very effective magic rubber for cleaning the water line


                                  Water lily

                                  The fat absorbent which purifies and protects the water line



                                  The universal skimmer prefilter which facilitates basket maintenance and preserves the pump


                                  Pool'gom XL

                                  The large multi-surface rubber that effectively cleans the wall, pool bottom and water line


                                  Stop worrying about weather conditions and work under the shelter all year round! The Protect'R has been designed to allow construction work to continue without having to worry about bad weather. This modular design adapts to any pool type and shape.

                                  Technical Specifications 

                                  Product 100% made in France 
                                  Made of 550g / m² PVC canvas Sizes
                                  available: 3 m, 9 m and 12 m
                                  Colour: white
                                  Very good interior light


                                    This inflatable construction shelter is the solution for your swimming pool construction !    



                                  Adaptable to all pool sizes thanks to its modular design as all the modules can be linked together!  


                                  Fast & easy

                                  Quick and easy assembly and disassembly in just three steps: unroll, secure and inflate! 



                                  Excellent resistance to bad weather, strong winds (over 100 km / h) and snow (45 kg / m²) if properly secured and inflated  


                                  All terrain

                                  Space-saving and easy to transport

                                  Adaptable to all types of terrain and all site setups